Betaforex Review: Is Legit or Scam?


There are numerous ways to make money online — however, it’s left for you to select the one which suits you best. is a new site which gives its users access to the forex market.


Well, I’m sure this is not your first time hearing the word ‘forex’ before because if it is, then you are probably not from this world. The foreign exchange market (forex) has made many millionaires, and out of its volatility, many companies, and individuals has trade out of it to make money.


Moreover, BetaForex is bringing it to us in a platter of gold by giving us 300% our risk, and that’s if you are trading yourself. Furthermore, BetaForex has a trading bot which they claim gives you 70% win rate on all the trade you make with this bot.


However, BetaForex bot of course isn’t free either do you earn for free without depositing or risking your money. Well, I won’t advise you to join this platform if you are yet to get the answer to the question “is legit?”


Guess what?! review will be revealing the answer to that question, and I will advise you not to miss any part of this review as it may be your loss. Well, let’s dive right in! Review

Like I mentioned earlier, the forex market is a very volatile market which means it is filled with risk. However, promises all users who trade with their bot a 70% win rate which if you ask me it’s a very good rate.


Nonetheless, do you believe this? Well, that’s what I will be revealing to you in review. Also, all readers of review should expect to see the answer to the question “is legit or scam?”


Additionally, review is still going to be answering some major questions. Here are some of the question I will be giving answers to; what is BetaForex? How does work? Who is the founder of BetaForex? When was BetaForex launched? How to withdraw on login, and sign up.


A friendly reminder to all our esteemed readers that review is strictly not a promotion neither am I an affiliate to BetaForex. However, review is done solely for the knowledge of our readers.


What is

Well, BetaForex is many things as well as a forex broker — probably. Nonetheless, BetaForex is a platform which claims to make forex trading easier for its users.


In addition to this, claims to have a forex trading bot which guarantees all users of this bot a 70% win rate on every trade. Well, this is a superb rate, and is better that always loosing.

However, how does this bot work? How do I earn on BetaForex? Find out below.


How to Earn from

Making money on is nothing different from trading in the forex market. Technically, there is a difference, and that is BetaForex trading bot which you could purchase, and earn from the forex market while doing nothing.


However, this bot is not free, and it costs R500. Users of BetaForex trading bot only gets this bot license for one month which during that time, this bot significantly boost your earning portfolio. Also note that BetaForex bot predictions are executed automatically i.e. without your permission.


Alternatively, you can earn on without needing to purchase its bot, and by this, I mean making your own predictions. Basically, this means you are making your own trades without any guidance. Well, for each prediction you get right, you earn 300% your risk value.


For instance, if you take a risk of R10, you get a return of R30 if your predictions are correct. Isn’t that amazing?! Moreover, the minimum trade value you can make on BetaForex is R5. Furthermore, you can always start with a demo account if you are not so sure of your predictions, and with this demo account, you can try out the BetaForex bot for free.


Well, you can neither withdraw your profit nor your loss on this demo account as it works on virtual money. Nevertheless, the real account works a different way as you are using your real money to trade.


Another way to earn on BetaForex is by participating in its affiliate program, and by this, I mean bring a new member to Referral bonuses on BetaForex is filled with lots of bonuses you wouldn’t want to miss out on.


Also, you earn 2% on every trade your referral makes (either profit or loss) on BetaForex. Additionally, you can also earn more with referrals by engaging in BetaForex referral task where you can make as much as R50 completing these tasks. So, what are you waiting for? Learn how you can get your BetaForex invitation link below.


How to get Referrals

All users on can find their referral link on their dashboard once they log into their account.

By sharing your invitation link to friends and family, and also registering them with your link, you earn a good amount of commission on BetaForex.


When was Launched was launched on the 20th of September 2022, and is already quite popular among South Africans who are sharing their referral link to earn more.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t prove a thing about BetaForex legitimacy, or does it? Is betaforex legit?


Who is the Owner of

There is currently no information on whom the founder of is because the developers have hidden their identity from everyone. Well, this makes BetaForex very suspicious — what do you think? Sign Up

Creating your BetaForex account is a very simple process — however, you will need a South African phone number before you can access this money making site.


Well, an OTP code would be sent to the number for verification. Furthermore, you will need to submit your username, and password to create your BetaForex account.


To start creating your account, visit the BetaForex official website ‘’, and select register. Login

Logging into your BetaForex account is very easy. All you need to do is to visit its official website ‘’, then select login.

Fill in your login details i.e. your username, and password, and your dashboard will be shown to you.


How to Withdraw on

All users on can withdraw their earnings in two ways. The first way to withdraw on betaforex is directly to your bank account. Well, this method attracts a withdrawal fee of 3%, and its processing time is 3 business days.


Moreover, the second way to withdraw on BetaForex is processed faster (1 day), but attracts a higher withdrawal fee of 8%


Is Legit or Scam

Most users of BetaForex are searching for the answer to the question – is legit or scam? Well, Betaforex is currently a new earning site with only a few payment proofs. No one knows how real this payment are because BetaForex was recently launched.


However, I would suggest you wait a little this this payments have been confirmed. Furthermore, avoid putting more than you can afford to lose on


  1. What do you think of this earning site? Is legit? Please share your answers with us in the comments below.


Thank you for reading review till the end.

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