13 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

This article features the list of 13 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries To Make A Good Career Path

For humanity to exist properly, basic industries are always needed for the production of goods and services; and as a direct result, the workforce demand in the basic industries will always remain insatiable.


Are you thinking of pursuing a career in basic industries? Or are you just curious to know the best paying jobs in basic industries? Seek no more, as you just landed on the right page. In this article, we will be taking you on an extensive discussion about the highest paying job roles in basic industries.

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path?

The answer is “yes.” There are many options for individuals seeking a career dive into the basic industries. Since there are numerous opportunities in this field, one can easily get a fulfilling career with maximum financial benefits.


Yes, you can put the basic industries into consideration if you’re seeking a career with job security benefits, as well. Due to the high demand for workers in the industry, there is a decent level of assurance for prompt career advancement and faster promotions.

What Do Basic Industries Jobs Pay?

In the basic industries, workers earn an average hourly income of $55, although the hourly rates ranges from $40 to $70. Furthermore, individual wages vary across the industry, which is dependent on the specific job role, location, department and respective individual academic backgrounds and skills.

Which Job is part of the Basic Industries?

The basic industries are those firms, business or firms that are involved in the discovery, extraction and processing of raw/mineral resources. Few examples include: iron & steel industry, wood processing, metallurgical, mining, paper and chemicals industries.

Best Paying Jobs in Basic Industries

What are some of the best paying jobs in basic industries? Let’s take a look into some of them.


It’s advisable to possess college certificates or online degrees as a proof of experience so as to meet job requirements when applying for roles. Some of those high paying job roles include:

1. Drilling Engineers

As one of the best paying jobs in basic industries, drilling engineers are saddled with the the task of giving support to petroleum geologists in the supervision and management of natural oil and gas extraction processes.

2. Forensic Scientist

They are employed to function across a wide range of environments. Their job responsibilities entails collection and analysis of biological evidences across scenes of crime.

3. Agronomist

This is a career that affords you a decent income coupled with the consistent work opportunities it brings to you. It also helps to boost your management skills while your career lasts. Agronomists work with farm owners in the production and harvesting of crops on a commercial scale.

4. Synthetic Chemist

The job role of a synthetic chemist hinges on the production and invention of new and valuable compounds, which are typically utilised for specific purposes. They work across industries in the healthcare, manufacturing and agriculture sector.

5. Petroleum Geologist

Their job is centred on studying the earth’s surface in the bid to locate mineral resources especially gas and oil deposits. Petroleum geologists often use indicators to signal firms on the sites that needs drilling.

6. Health and Safety Officers

They serve as advisors to new employees in basic industries about the job hazards and risks associated with their respective roles. Workers who operate heavy machinery, metals or chemical components need safety knowledge in the dispensation of their job duties.

7. Horticulturist

He/She is someone with vast experience in the cultivation of plants, fruits, veggies, flowers and ornamental crops. Horticulturists are often specialised in landscape designs, as well.

8. Metallurgists

This is a career that involves you working with a lot of metals. Metallurgists work along mining experts and often visit plants where mined resources are being processed. Prospective individuals are expected to have a solid knowledge of chemistry, metals, and the safety requirements of the job.

9. Steel Fabricator

A steel Fabricator is saddled with the task of taking basic steel sections and their consequent conversion into variety of shapes and segments. This career demands a pre-requisite knowledge of professional tools such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC).

10. Steel Worker

They are directly involved in the building and installation of steel components. Steel workers develop structural components of buildings such as columns, beams and frames. Furthermore, they help in the identification of possible structural defects and ensure prompt communication to their supervisors.

11. Pipefitter

Pipefitters are skilled workmen who fabricate, assemble, install, maintain and repair mechanical pipe systems. They also known as Steamfitters. Typically, they kick start their careers as apprentices. Their services are often useful in marine, commercial and industrial piping, including cooling and heating systems.

12. Truck Driver

Truck drivers are typically engaged with the role of driving trucks. They drive to transport final products or goods from one geographical location to another through road transportation. They are essential to a company’s logistics efforts and therefore, are one of the best paying jobs in basic industries.

13. Electrician

Electricians are skilled craftsmen with the job role of electrical wiring in structures, static machines, transmission lines and other similar machinery or equipment. They are required to install and maintain new electrical components, and the perpetual repair of existing equipment.

What Education Requirement Do I Need for a Job in Basic Industries?

Most of the best paying jobs in basic industries don’t require professional degrees which can’ discourage many folks from pursuing roles in the industry. A high school diploma is okay to land most of these jobs.

However, most of the jobs in basic industries will demand you going through new on-the-job training. Surely, that will be a pretty cool way to learn a job while earning at the same time, isn’t it?

Bottom Line – Best Paying jobs in basic industries

We hope your curiosity has been satisfied after reading through the body of this article. Landing a job in the basic industry is not as demanding as a career in the capital goods industry.

With the right mindset and attitude to work, you can build a flourishing career while you rise through the corporate ladder.


Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries

Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries


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