18 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer durables & Non-Durables

Are you looking for a list of the best paying jobs in consumer durables and non-durables? If so, you just landed on the right page, as we take you through this article of well paying jobs in the industry.

In the consumer durables industry, there are numerous job opportunities. Design and development may be a part of some jobs, while marketing and sales may be a part of others. Whatever your hobbies or skills, there is almost certainly a career in this industry that is ideal for you. Never focus just on the compensation; having enough money is nice, but working in a job that you dislike is not.

What are consumer durables goods?

Consumer durables can be described as goods with a three-year or longer lifespan. Consumer durables can also be referred to as durable goods or durables. Automobiles, electronics, furniture, washers, dryers, freezers, air conditioners, and other appliances fall under this category. These things are usually bought with the purpose of lasting a long time, therefore they must be strong enough to resist frequent usage.

Are qualification needed to work in consumer durables?

Because there are so many different roles in consumer durables, the appropriate response is dependent on the job you’re looking for. Most occupations, however, will demand a high school diploma or similar. Extra training or certification may be required for some positions.

What is an example of a durable good?

Automobiles, furniture, home appliances, and mobile homes are all examples of consumer durable goods.

What do you mean by consumer non-durables?

Consumer nondurable goods are bought for immediate or near-immediate consumption and have a shelf life of minutes to three years. Food, beverage, clothing, footwear, and gasoline are all examples of these.

Are the payouts really this good Consumer durables jobs?

Yes, the remuneration for work in the consumer durables market can be very good. You may be able to earn a decent salary with benefits based on your abilities and expertise.

Are there lots of opportunities in the consumer durable sector?

Yes, the consumer durables industry offers a diverse range of professional opportunities.

Is Consumer Durable industry a Good Career Path?

Yes! The consumer durable industry is a good career path for you to follow.

Consumer durable vocations are one of the most popular career choices for students looking for a rewarding job. Flexible work time, rewarding compensation, and a diverse job sector are all reasons why a career in consumer durables is a smart choice.


What are the Best Paying Consumer Durable Jobs?

What are some of the best paying jobs in the consumer durable industry? Let’s take a look at some of them below:

Marketing manager

Marketing managers are amongst the best-paying positions in consumer durables, with an estimated average median compensation of $142,470. Marketing managers are in charge of a number of activities, including preparing marketing campaign estimations and budgets.

Account manager

Account managers are one of the most in-demand positions in the consumer durables industry. In most circumstances, an account manager is the firm representative who has the most one-on-one interaction with the customer. This person will be in charge of the day-to-day tasks of answering customers’ questions and concerns, as well as managing their account activity.

Media planner

One of the highest-paying occupations in consumer durables is media planning. A media planner’s job is to figure out which venues are best for promoting a client’s brand or product. Media planners use mathematical formulas to analyze demographic data to determine which type of advertising will best meet their goals.

Product manager

You would be in charge of supervising the marketing and development of a product line as a product manager. A salary of $75,000 or more can be expected. The job of a product manager isn’t as straightforward as it may appear. They must juggle several responsibilities, including developing a product, verifying its quality, monitoring its production, and selling it.

Staff accountant

A Staff Accountant can be a mid-level or entry-level accounting professional that works as part of a team to maintain financial records for a corporation. Ensure IRS compliance, reconcile bank statements, and balance the ledger for periodical reporting are among their responsibilities. The annual salary of a staff accountant is $49,858.

Product marketer

The product marketer is in charge of the product launch. Product branding and marketing techniques are important considerations. This is a crucial role in ensuring that the product line follows consumer trends and is cost effective over time.

Sales Manager

Managers are among the highest-paid positions in the consumer durables industry. A sales manager, often known as sales supervisor, is responsible for supervising team members in a specific unit to ensure that it runs well. Sales managers make this list for the best paying jobs in consumer durables, with a median compensation of $132,290. Their main responsibilities include hiring and training employees, formulation and implementation of company plans, and assigning work to team members.

Industrial designer

The typical compensation for this position is $73,000. Industrial designers are in charge of creating items that satisfy consumer needs. They collaborate with businesses to develop goods that are both useful and appealing to consumers. Automobiles, furniture, and cell phones are among the most prominent things created by industrial designers.

Human resource manager

It’s impossible to consider the best-paying positions in consumer durables without including the HR manager, who earns an average base salary of $107,942. Human resources managers plan, coordinate, and direct the administrative operations of a company. They are responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new employees, as well as consulting with top management on strategy execution.

Administrative assistant

Administrative assistants are one of the most popular professional fields in consumer durables, according to studies. An Administrative Assistant is a person who helps out in the office. They will be responsible for organizing and disseminating information to their teammates, as well as answering phones and performing other administrative duties.

Field sales representative

Field sales personnel represent the brand in all interactions with customers and prospects. Customers must understand how certain products or services might benefit them monetarily and professionally.

Customer success manager

The average customer success manager is paid $55,653 per year. A customer success manager interact with clients and customers to make sure they have the tools and support they need to succeed. This involves advising them on purchasing selections as well as onboarding new clients after they’ve been acquired.

Communication Executive

Communications coordinators operate in a wide range of fields and for a wide range of organizations, including educational institutions, small businesses, and multinationals. Being a  Communications Coordinator requires administrative roles from you, that helps the communications department develop and oversee communication plans. Media affairs and marketing content, such as press releases, blog pieces, and newsletters, are among the responsibilities of this position.

Strategy consultant

Strategy consultants look at a company’s business operations and goals and make recommendations to improve its direction. Cost-cutting, revenue growth, key decision-making, and supporting firms in defining their market or spotting trends within certain sectors are some of the strategies they provide.


The Best Paying Jobs In Consumer Non-durable

What are some of the best paying jobs in the consumer non-durable goods industry below.

Oil & Gas Industry

In the non-durable industry, oil and gas companies continue to compensate their employees well. Crude oil is refined into gasoline, Premium Motor Spirit, and other products in the oil and gas industry. The salary is hourly, and it can range from $30 to $40 per hour. One positive aspect of this company is that they train their employees on a regular basis in order to adapt to new technological changes.

Perfumes, Cosmetics & Soap Industry

For many people, looking well and smelling wonderful has become a need. The usage of soap and body lotion is required to keep your skin moisturized. These businesses are working hard to address the needs of their customers. There are various departments in this company, including administrative, production, and marketing.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical companies are in charge of creating medications and other goods for human consumption. Pharmaceutical companies have a lot of departments, which means they have a lot of job openings. Drugs are one of the basics for keeping the body in good working order. There are several different fields of pharmacy, including research and analysis, laboratory specialists, and production laborers. The median annual salary for drug experts or certified pharmacists is about $125,000, in the United States.

Paper Production Firms

We are all aware of the significance of paper in our lives. Paper is required for certain functions by students, businesses, and households. Paper is used by students in school, doctors in hospitals, bankers for documentation, and dealers in the market. All of the businesses mentioned above utilize paper on a regular basis and require it to be replenished.

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Bottom Line — Best Paying Jobs in Consumer durables & Non-Durables

At the end of this blog post, we hope your curiosity about the best paying jobs in consumer durables and non-durables, have been duly satisfied. Thanks for stopping by!


Best Paying Jobs in Consumer durables & Non-Durables

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer durables & Non-Durables

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer durables & Non-Durables

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer durables & Non-Durables

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer durables & Non-Durables

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer durables & Non-Durables

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer durables & Non-Durables

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