Advertisement Review: Is Legit or Scam?

The good thing about attaining financial wealth is that it can be done in so many ways. Meaning that, even if you try something new and fail at it, there are one thousand and one other things to try again. In the end, making money is not so hard. Let’s talk about one simple way to earn easy money. Have you signed up on



You haven’t? Why?!!


Advertisement is breaking headlines. Every hustler on the internet has signed up and is now working day in day out to cash out from eq-task, and you are yet to sign up??


Perhaps you are just hearing about the site. Alright then, let us tell you all about this online money making platform.

First and foremost, it would be nice to start with this piece of information – “ is a free platform. You do not need to pay for anything.”


Now that you know eq-task does not need any money from your pockets, this may likely change your perception about the platform. And you will be more interested to participate and earn, since you won’t lose any of your own money in the long run.


Once again, this review will tell you everything you need to know about how you can earn from the site, and more. Review

The main purpose of this review is to guide both members and aspiring members of eq-task. If you plan to earn with the site, then this review article is for you!


Surely, most of you readers have queries and questions. So this is why this article will focus on answering most of those questions of yours.


In this review, many questions will be answered by us. Once you get answers to those numerous questions, you will now be free from the challenges associated with being a member of


Here are a couple of questions you should expect to see in this review: What is eq-task, how to make money from eq-task, how to get referral, how to perform login process, Is legit or scam, and many more.

You will get so many answers to so many questions. Simply read to the end to gain access to this premium information.


What is is basically a site for making money. The platform has no further objective or goal. It was made for internet users to earn money, and nothing more.


Eq-task is a free platform, and one that is easy to join. What is even more amazing, is that the platform gives bonuses to all new members.

If you perform sign up process, the moment you go into your dashboard for the first time, you would find out that you have gotten some money in your balance.

The money you find in your balance is your sign up bonus.


Every member receives a sign up bonus of $25. And this is just for signing up. You can earn more in different ways.


How to Earn from

Earning money on can be very easy, because there are so many ways to earn from the platform.


You can earn by watching videos. When you watch videos on eq-task for just a few seconds, the platform gives you a rewards in u.s dollars.

Interestingly, there are lots of videos available everyday. So you can keep watching and watching. The more you watch, the more money you add to your balance.

Another way to earn is by testing and playing games.

On eq-task, there are lots of fun games for you to play. And when you do this, you get money rewards. You can earn as much as $50 for playing just one game.


Earning by Referrals referral is the most popular way to earn from the site.

Referral involves copying and sharing your link to friends and families online.


When a friend clicks on your eq-task referral link, you get a reward of $2. But that’s not all. If you friend proceeds to sign up on the platform using your referral link, you will instantly get a reward of $10.

How to get Referrals

If you want to earn via referrals, the only thing you will be needing is your referral link.


You can get the link by doing the following:

First, start by performing login process. When you are logged in, click on ‘Earn by invites’ to get to the invite section/referral page.


On this page, scroll down and copy your referral link. Then share the link friends and families on social media platforms.

Quick math: If ten people can sign up using your referral link, in one day, then that means you will earn $100 in one day!


When was Launched

Eq-task is a platform that has been operating since June, 2022. The exact date that they launched operations, remains unknown. The owners of the platform, failed to make it known to the general public.


Who is the Owner of

Most survey sites like to hide their owners. This is probably because they feel that knowing the owner of the site is irrelevant to your mission on the site(your mission which is to make money).

Eq-task is no different. The owner of is not known by anyone. And to be honest, this isn’t surprising. Sign Up

If you want to register or join the platform, go over to the homepage, then click on ‘Sign Up.’


On sign up page, fill your details correctly, agree to their terms and conditions(read it!), then click on ‘sign up’ to submit. Login

To log into your account, go to the homepage, then click on ‘Login.’ On login page, fill in your username and password, then submit.

The good thing about login process is that it doesn’t even take a minute of your time.


How to Withdraw on

To place withdrawal, perform the login process. Then when in your dashboard, click on ‘Cash Out.’


In the withdrawal page, select the payment method you want, then submit for payment.


NOTE: The least amount you can withdraw from your account is $100.


Is Legit or Scam

Literally every new member is wondering if is legit or scam. Everyone of them is asking the same question, and they are doing it for good reasons.


It would be a shame if you waste your precious time trying to reach the withdrawal threshold, then eventually t

you don’t get your payment.


Many members are asking: “Is legit or scam?”

The answer we have is, Eq-task is probably Legit. Give it a try!!


Thanks for reading to the end of this review. Feel free to comment.


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