Is Livesample Legit?

LiveSample – It sounds like a dream to earn a second income from home, right? Don’t we all wish we could spend more money while binge-watching Netflix on our couches? There are a few ways you can make a little more spending money in your spare time thanks to the internet.

If you’ve ever done a search for “making money online,” you’ve probably seen the countless different ways you may do it. Although many of them make outrageous claims like earning $6,000 a month (which I find hard to believe), there are a few legitimate ways to make money online that only require a few quick mouse clicks. Joining a survey panel is one of the most well-liked ways to get money online.



What is LiveSample Program?

I was shocked to discover how little background material there is on the survey site when I first started investigating LiveSample. There is nothing on their website regarding the company itself or an “About Us” page. This personally raised serious red flags for me, but it didn’t deter others from enrolling in the program to learn more.


LiveSample Amount

The first thing you need to understand about LiveSample is that there is no payment for completing surveys. You will receive entry into a sweepstake for completing a survey as opposed to receiving money or points. You receive one entry for each task you successfully complete. Every three months, a $50,000 prize is drawn. Your chances of winning the reward increase with the number of surveys you complete over the course of the three months.

Yes, there is no assurance that doing the survey will result in you earning more. Yes, there is a possibility that you could get a cheque for $50,000, but you never know.

How to Join LiveSample

It’s simple to sign up with LiveSample if you decide to take the chance on winning the top prize. LiveSample membership is free and takes just a few minutes. When you first visit their website, you’ll see that it’s quite minimal—in fact, I’d say it’s too minimal. On their menu, there are simply a few buttons, and they make it simple how to join. To begin, enter your email address in the box in the center of the main page.

Only a few essential pieces of personal information are needed for the program. You will need to provide some personal information after creating your profile. These are going to be quite basic inquiries like your age, how many people live in your home, and some of the things you use.


The types of surveys you receive and the number of invitations you get will depend on the answers to these questions about your household. You must answer this preliminary inquiry about yourself in order for the businesses that LiveSample works with to determine which demographics you fit within.

LiveSample Reviews

There will always be some criticism of survey programs. You won’t find a survey panel that doesn’t have at least a few complaints. LiveSample is the same. As you may expect, one of the most frequent concerns is that taking surveys doesn’t directly result in payment.

I also discovered complaints about being removed from surveys. Several participants reported that they were expelled while they completed the survey. They were not compensated for their efforts, and they were not entitled to a sweepstakes entry. Only a few members experienced this issue when I was doing my research, though.

These people will steal your information and do lord knows what with it. They requested my name and address and birthday for survey. I gave it because I already took a survey with that info. They then requested a previous address. I knew then something was up. After getting my info they then CLAIMED they could not identify me… which is a LIE, and that I could not take a survey. I am reporting them to the bbb and will be naming them in a civil suit. I am tired of these companies and their lies.

  • Melody J.

I go through different survey sites and this site seems to have locked me out for no reason. They have done this twice.

  • Stacey S.

is LiveSample legit?


Yes, the website is entirely legitimate, but it won’t be the best choice for your time and effort when taking surveys. Sign up for the panel and begin taking surveys if you want to take the opportunity to win $50,000. I would prefer to have an assurance that I would get paid for all of my time. Yes, there is a chance that you could make a good living.

Consider joining LiveSample if you’re interested. Joining is free and simple. If you decide that you would prefer a program that pays you in cash or points, you may leave and join another one, and you will only have missed a small amount of time.

As I previously stated, there are countless survey programs available online. Each of them is unique. Joining a scam website where your information will be stolen is one of the worst things that might happen. Visit my list of the finest survey sites if you have any questions regarding the various survey sites. To choose the one that is best for you, you might consider all of your possibilities.


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