Top 20 Best Paying Jobs In Energy Industry

Are you searching for the best paying jobs in energy industry? If so, you just landed on the right page. In this article, we published the list of top paying job roles in the energy field, for you to choose from. So, let’s get started.

What is a renewable energy job?

Jobs in the renewable energy sector are in high demand as a result of investments made to transition our economies away from carbon-intensive energy sources. This shift will safeguard people and the environment from pollution and waste while minimizing the depletion of our natural resources.

Is energy a good career path?

Is a job in energy a good choice? Yes, energy is a great career path you can follow as a career minded persona.

However, this is a challenging question that should include a variety of aspects, such as individual interests and skills, the best-paying energy professions currently on the market, the need for oil and gas occupations, and alternatives for “green” energy vocations.

One of the top paying industries in the world today, the energy sector is expanding quickly. A future without energy is difficult to imagine. Energy professionals come from a diverse range of backgrounds. You can find software developers, chemists, engineers, techs, managers, and more anywhere.

How many jobs are available in energy?

How many jobs are there in the energy sector? There are about 923,000 available jobs in the industry, as at 2022, according to the United States Bureau of Labour.

The figure is probably in the millions when you take into consideration all the various roles, from technicians to engineers to accountants!

Does the energy industry pay well?

Does the energy sector have a good wage? According to the 2022 U.S. Energy and Employment salary report, energy employees are paid 35% above the average U.S. wage.

Is energy a good career?

Yes. Due to the development of technology, it is now necessary in practically every area of our modern life, making the idea of a world without energy unthinkable. There are countless options for career advancement in the energy sector.

Do renewable energy jobs pay well?

Do jobs in renewable energy pay well? Yes! Politicians and the general public are supporting renewable energy sources like wind and solar, which is resulting in some of the highest paying jobs in the energy industry. However, the areas of gas, coal, and petroleum all exhibit promise and can offer tremendous pay to the proper people.

Best paying jobs in Energy

What are the best paying jobs in energy sector? The best paid job positions in energy includes:

Information Systems Manager

A profession as an information systems manager is more closely related to software and technology than it is to energy efficiency and conservation. But if we’re going to cut our energy use and be more environmentally conscious, we need the correct data and technology to make that happen. As a result, individuals from the tech industry will be required alongside power engineers and other energy specialists.

Aerospace Engineer

However, with the increased demand for wind energy, these highly skilled experts will be required to develop better models for turbines and other systems. Aerospace engineers will, for the most part, be directly associated with airplanes, satellites, and spacecraft. These specialists are essential for the energy business since they comprehend the foundations of wind resistance, force, performance, and other concepts.

Petroleum Engineer – Median Salary: $128,720

Is producing oil and gas a worthwhile career choice? Despite the diversity of viewpoints, it is undeniable that this is one of the highest paying positions in the energy sector. It comes with a terrific income and the opportunity to work in a field that supports some of the most significant industrial applications and automobiles in the world. Even though the world is shifting toward jobs in renewable energy, petroleum engineers still have a ton of work opportunities, especially if they have a master’s degree.

Atmospheric Scientist – Median Salary: $95,600

The wind energy sector requires a wide range of specialists, including atmospheric scientists, who can advise on the most effective locations and methods for capturing wind energy. This is one of the greatest green occupations since atmospheric scientists have a thorough understanding of the weather and can create forecasts that improve wind energy.

Architectural Manager – Median Salary: $147,800

Architectural engineers contribute to waste reduction by designing buildings that use less resources and less energy, which is why producing energy-efficient structures is becoming increasingly vital. They oversee several tasks that may not involve energy (training personnel, for instance), but they also formulate thorough plans, direct research, and assess technical precision, all of which can be directed toward lowering energy use.

Chemical Engineer – Median Salary: $109,700

Chemical engineers handle difficulties with a variety of commonplace goods, including fuel, by using the fundamental concepts of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics (among others). Chemical engineers are frequently at the forefront of energy progress, from large-scale production to testing new techniques. The positions might be classified as oil and gas jobs or they can apply to renewable energy.

Nuclear Technician – Median Salary: $83,000

Nuclear technicians are trained to use specialized equipment, and they monitor radiation levels to maintain a safe working environment while producing energy. This is one of the most important energy professions since they detect radiation, test air, moisture, and soil samples, monitor equipment performance, and carry out many other tasks to increase nuclear energy.

Agricultural Engineer – Median Salary: $80,720

Even though you would not consider that agriculture and energy are two distinct subjects, the development of biofuels makes it plausible to claim that an agricultural engineer is also employed in the energy sector. The overarching objective of this profession is to produce more with less. To achieve the greatest outcomes, this entails collaborating with equipment, buildings, power sources, and environmental concerns.

7. Environmental Engineer – Median Salary: $90,976

These experts work in a range of fascinating fields, including the efficient extraction and utilization of energy. They contribute to a safer, cleaner future for the nation and the entire globe by carrying out a variety of responsibilities, from project planning to environmental improvement monitoring.

Power Plant Operator, Distributor, & Dispatcher – Median Salary: $85,950

When managed properly, nuclear power may be a dependable and secure way to supply electricity to cities and other institutions all over the world. Nuclear power is still a significant component of the energy sector. We require operators, distributors, and dispatchers to ensure the secure usage of nuclear energy.

Materials Engineer – Median Salary: $95,680

A wide range of tasks are carried out by materials engineers to improve products. They have a thorough understanding of metals, ceramics, polymers, and other materials and are involved in everything from microscopic computer components to substantial infrastructure materials. In order to make cars lighter and more fuel-efficient, several of these engineers develop new materials.

Wind Farm Site Manager

As a manager or engineer for a wind farm, you are in charge of managing the site’s wind energy harvesting. Since strong leadership qualities are necessary for this position, you are also in charge of managing the staff sent to these wind farm locations.

Financial Analyst

Working with renewable energy firms as a financial analyst allows you to manage the finance division, keep tabs on energy expenditure, pay staff, and resolve potential financial problems. Their abilities as financial analysts can assist the business in developing the appropriate energy product in the appropriate market, making wiser judgments on expansion, and ensuring that everything is being done to increase earnings.

Solar PV Installer

A career as a solar PV installer can be your best choice if you’re seeking for excellent entry-level environmental occupations and are willing to put in the hard work. To turn sunshine into useful electricity, these experts install solar panels and other equipment in buildings.

Renewable Energy Consultant

Giving clients advice on how to select the best renewable systems for their residences or businesses is one of the best paying jobs in the energy sector. contemporary renewable energy as an adviser for renewable energy.

Civil Engineer

Civil Engineer 14 Some civil engineers concentrate their careers in the renewable energy and green building niches, while this is not the only choice. In these positions, civil engineers ensure that projects advance by assisting with project planning, design, and supervision. A bachelor’s degree is required to work as a civil engineer.


The task of investigating the earth’s physical characteristics falls to geoscientists. Geoscientists are among the most in-demand professionals in the energy sector because numerous energy sources need to be extracted from the earth. In order to find and produce oil and gas, geoscientists are essential. Additionally, you can work in the renewable energy sector, for instance, geothermal exploration.

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How much can one earn with a career in the energy field?

Your profession in the energy business will determine how much money you make. An engineer can make close to $70,000 annually, as was previously said. PayScale estimates that electrical engineers make an annual salary of $76,092 (AUD).

The typical annual income for an architect in Australia is $62,992. It varies from $48,694 per year to $93,728 annually. Experience affects how much they are paid. Environmental officers earn $68,397 (AUD) year, according to Payscale.

Bottom Line — Best Paying Jobs In Energy industry

At the end of this post, we hope your search on the list of best paying jobs in energy, has been fully answered.

We wish you the best of success in your chosen field. Cheers!

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