Tkl Online Revenue Review: Is Tkl Online Revenue Legit Or Scam?

Are you searching for a thorough exposition on Tkl Online Revenue review? If so, you just landed on the right page. In this tkl online revenue review article, we discussed extensively on tkl-online-revenue topics, which include the provision of answers to commonly asked questions about the legitimacy status of the company. So, let’s get started!

In 2018, TKL Online Revenue was founded. It is a sizable online community with a brand-new business model supported by finance and technology that is built on platform technical support and enterprise support.


TKL Online Revenue, often known as (takealot), is another platform that allows you to generate money online by performing a few simple activities on your smartphone.

With TKL Online Revenue, the minimum withdrawal is R200, and you can make R300 as a welcome bonus and R9 to R12 for daily chores.


Additionally, South Africa is the only nation that is currently eligible to engage with TKL-Online Revenue.

All questions concerning tkl-online-revenue will be answered in today’s article, including: tkl-online-revenue reviews, tkl-online-revenue sign up, tkl-online-revenue Login, tkl-online-revenue contact, tkl-online-revenue referral, is tkl-online-revenue legit or scam, and other related topics.

We are confident that by the end of this post you will have made an informed decision regarding whether tkl-online-revenue is genuine, safe, a scam, or possibly a hoax. We guarantee that all of the information provided is accurate.

Let’s begin with the tkl online revenue evaluation without wasting any more time.



What is Tkl-online-revenue.Com?

What is tkl online revenue about? Do they really pay their users? Let’s find out. Here is our Tkl-online-revenue.Com review. Please read it through to the end and pay close attention to every word.

The key details that we evaluated on tkl-online-revenue are shown below.

1. Google’s accessibility of the Tkl-online-revenue URL

The website address for TKL Online Revenue is listed on Google, along with a description of the site.

2. Website Security

We are definitely sure that TKL Online Revenue is a secure website, due to the presence of a SSL certificate on the site. They may have made their website secure because they started it in 2018. As opposed to modern make money online sites that don’t secure their website.

3. Website’s interface

The website for TKL Online Revenue loads extremely quickly, much like “the flash.” TKL Online Revenue achieved 81 percent on mobile devices and 98 percent on desktop computers, nearly 100 percent. Users would stay on their website longer as a result of this.

In addition to speed, this website has a nice look. If you look out the VIP page in particular, you’ll notice that the font colors change thanks to the design’s unique animations. I’m curious how this didn’t cause the website to lag.

Additionally, TKL Online Revenue is mobile friendly rather than PC friendly, making it simpler for only mobile users to access the website. You will get a mobile page view if you are accessing this website on a PC.

4. The pages “Contact Us” and “About Us”

You won’t readily find the About Us and Contact Us pages respectively on the homepage of the site. However, you’ll get access to those crucial pages after creating a new account with TKL Online Revenue.

5. Social Media Profiles

We were unable to locate their social media profiles at the time this article was published. This is an indication that they are not active on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

How does Tkl-online-revenue.Com Works

It’s fairly easy to use TKL Online Revenue. With this website, you can make money through work completion, task referrals, and a welcome incentive of R300 after signing up.

You can withdraw your money once you’ve finished the necessary steps. The minimum withdrawal requirement was previously R100, however following a recent upgrade to the Takealot website, it is now R200.

From daily tasks, earn R9 to R12.

After signing up, earn R300.

R200 is the minimum withdrawal.

VIP levels for TKL Online Revenue

You must become a VIP in order to earn more money from Tkl-online-revenue.Com.

  • Experience VIP: R300 (required number of tasks: 16)
  • One star VIP: R300 (required number of tasks: 16)
  • Two-star VIP: R800 (required number of tasks: 16)
  • Samsung VIP: R2000 (required number of tasks: 16)
  • Four-star VIP: R5000 (required number of tasks: 16)
  • Five-star VIP: R20000 (required number of tasks: 16)
  • Six Star VIP: R50000 (required number of tasks: 18)
  • Seven Star VIP: R120000 (required number of tasks: 20)
  • Eight Star VIP: R200000 (required number of tasks: 22)
  • Nine Star VIP: R400000 (required number of tasks: 25)

Who is the owner (CEO) of Tkl-online-revenue.Com?

An unidentified South African owns TKL Online Revenue, also known as takealot. Following that, no further information on TKL Online Revenue, including the CEO and other details, is known. If we find out who owns TKL Online Revenue in the future, we’ll update this post.

Tkl-online-revenue.Com Referral

Here is how to make R10 whenever you refer someone to sign up with TKL Online Revenue.

Copy your referral link from your TKL Online Revenue dashboard and share it to Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, and other groups.

Tkl-online-revenue.Com Sign Up

Follow this guide to find out how to register on Tkl-online-revenue.

1. To access the Tkl-online-revenue.Com sign-up page, click this link.

2. To send the O.T.P to your sim card, enter your username, password, transaction PIN, and phone number. Then click Send.

3. Enter the OTP on Tkl-online-revenue.Com after receiving it, and then click “Submit.” You’ve successfully signed up a new account with TKL Online Revenue. That’s all.

Tkl-online-revenue.Com Login | How to Login to tkl-online-revenue

Follow this guide to find out how to log in to tkl-online-revenue.

1. Click on this link to access the Tkl-online-revenue.Com login page.

2. Enter your password and mobile number, then click “login.” You can access Tkl-online-revenue.Com by doing so.

Is Tkl-online-revenue.Com legit or Scam?

The website tkl-online-revenue is a verified scam. True, TKL Online Revenue exists. However, after the site have rewarded its users for a while, it folded up and vanished into thin air with users funds. Therefore, it is a scam website.

Tkl Online Revenue is a real website at this time, so feel free to engage with them because they are reliable and secure.

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Bottom Line — Tkl online revenue review

At the end of this post, we hope your search for a thorough Tkl Online Revenue review, has been satisfied.

However, you need to be cautious with your dealings with this make money online site.

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