23 Easy Jobs That Pay Well for Most Careers

Are you looking for the list of easy jobs that pay well? If so, you just landed on the right page. In this article, we wrote extensively about the most lucrative and comfy jobs across various careers and fields. So, let’s get started right away.

Choosing a job path is a difficult decision that will have far-reaching consequences for the rest of your lifetime. The majority of individuals seek a job that isn’t too challenging but pays well.


Top Easy Jobs That Pay Well In 2022

What are the Highest Paying Easy Jobs? Let’s take a look at the brief list of those high paying jobs in 2022 and beyond. Some of them include:

  • Personal Shopper Jobs
  • Insurance Specialist Jobs
  • Personal Trainer Jobs.
  • Massage Therapist Jobs
  • Librarian Jobs
  • Loan Officer Jobs
  • Respiratory Therapist Jobs
  • Voice Actor Jobs.
  • Freelance Photographer Jobs.
  • Food Writer Jobs.
  • Fashion Designer Jobs
  • Graphic Designer Jobs
  • Flight Attendant Jobs
  • Electrician Jobs

It’s useful to know which jobs have the highest earning potential if you’re just starting out in your career or changing professions. While your earnings will likely rise over time, starting with a well-paying job is an excellent place to start.

Focusing on your main interests and areas you are enthusiastic about is the best method to find easy, high-paying employment that might be appropriate for you. Keep in mind that your notion of “easy” may be vastly different from that of others. There really is no such thing as a job that is objectively simple. “Easy” is a subjective term based on personal tastes and experiences. The simplest job may have little duties for one individual, but it may have many vital tasks and activities for another.

Is there a job that pays you to do nothing?

There is no such thing as a job paying you to do nothing exactly. Even vocations labeled as “unskilled labor” necessitate the completion of tasks and the acquisition of specialized skills.

Which engineering jobs are the easiest?

Engineering jobs that feel familiar to you are the easiest. However, in terms of education and task complexity, environmental engineering, electrical engineering or civil engineering may be simpler than other comparable areas.


Best Easiest Jobs That Pay Well

What are the best easy jobs that pay well across most fields? Below is a comprehensive list of those comfy, but well-paid job roles for you to consider:

Personal trainer – Average Annual Salary: $48,000

Assisting someone on their difficult journey to better fitness and health is a gift that will benefit them for years. A personal trainer learns about their customers and their physical ability before creating a customized training plan for them. A high school graduation is required, but a university degree in a comparable field can help you earn a greater salary.

Graphic designer – Average Annual Salary: $51,000

Graphic design is a great job for people who enjoy being creative but also want to use their skills in a professional setting. They create graphics and media for a variety of products and industries. Graphic design necessitates more demonstrable abilities than educational certificates. A candidate with a solid portfolio and expertise building software is usually chosen over one with a lengthy academic background.

Radiologic Technologist – Annual yearly pay: $84,880

To be precise, taking diagnostic x-rays for a career necessitates a unique set of abilities, a thorough knowledge of anatomy, and a commitment to adhere to strict safety guidelines. Many radiologic technologists, however, gain confidence and a sense of competence as a result of their training and experience, making their workdays feel comparatively easy and fulfilling.

House Sitter – $28,944 per year

If you’re searching for a simple, high-paying job, consider home sitting. The most important thing for you to do is to be present and ensure that a home isn’t left empty.

Manager trainee – average salary: $55,051 per year

A management trainee shadows a manager, supervisor, or executive to gain insight into their daily tasks and responsibilities. Those in this position are receiving instruction from this expert specialist on how to properly lead a team of employees. They could help with things like creating company policies and determining sales, marketing, and operational strategies.

Marketing associate – Annual average salary: $53,779 per year

An entry-level marketing practitioner is known as a marketing associate. A marketing associate, also known as a marketing executive assistant, assists marketing managers and directors. They support marketing teams or other departments with project development and execution.

Paralegal – average salary: $57,500 per year

A paralegal works for a law firm and assists attorneys with administrative and research chores. They’re in charge of conducting case research, conducting client interviews, and assisting in the preparation of courtroom presentations. They may also assist lawyers during proceedings or trials by drafting and filing legal documents.

Firefighter – average salary: $55,000 per year

Firefighting is a physically demanding yet rewarding vocation that typically only needs a high school education. Emergency services training might help you stand out as a candidate because one of this profession’s responsibilities is to provide basic medical care to injured people.

Flight attendant – Average Annual Salary: $39,000

Being a flight attendant is a profitable career option for job searchers who want to work in the air but don’t want to devote to the years of study required to become a pilot. While flight attendants are expected to ensure the comfort of passengers on board by offering food and drink, they are also responsible for ensuring passenger safety.

Optometrist – $118,000 per year

Yes, becoming an optometrist normally requires a PhD, which entails a significant amount of study. However, if you’ve completed your training and obtained your permit, this can easily make you eligible for one of the most straightforward, high-paying careers available. Generally speaking, optometrist work is simple and basic. You are responsible for determining a patient’s vision prescriptions, diagnosing and treating specific eye disorders, and dealing with eye traumas.

Welder – Average yearly pay: $56,040

Welding, perhaps more than other vocations, has a tendency to feel simple once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. Some welding techniques are thought to be more hard to master than others. However, if you prefer working with your skills and seeing concrete results on a daily basis, being a metal welder is an excellent choice.

Software Developer – Average yearly pay: $89,994

Although many individuals do not consider this occupation to be particularly easy, some specialists in the industry do. It’s simple for them because it taps into their innate strengths: patience, a desire to learn, and a proclivity for problem-solving, logical organization, and efficiency. When you have a good understanding of the coding you like to use, computer programming can feel simple.

Toll Booth Attendant – Average yearly pay: $29,301

Toll booth attendant is difficult to surpass when it comes to simplicity. You’ll spend your time collecting money from passing automobiles and opening gates to let them pass. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Garbage Collector – Annual yearly pay: $57,000

Once you’ve figured out the ropes, this job is said to be surprisingly simple and rewarding. Many blue-collar occupations in a city’s public works department don’t require any prior expertise. If you want to make a good living but don’t have many other abilities, a job collecting rubbish or recyclables is typically one of the finest options. Having a permit to drive heavy trucks, on the other hand, can make you an extremely appealing prospect.

Information technology technician – Average salary: $69,243 per year

IT technicians troubleshoot computer and network issues, maintain computer systems, install and upgrade software and hardware, and test computers and other devices. They may also be in charge of staff or client maintenance requests and technological demonstrations.

Sales representative – Average salary: $66,859 per year

A sales representative’s job entails cold phoning, emailing, and setting up on-site appointments in order to sell items and services to potential and existing customers. They may give product demonstrations, respond to customer inquiries and concerns, and assist them throughout the purchasing process.

Electrician – Average Annual Salary: $59,000

People are unaware of how reliant they are on lighting infrastructure in their homes and businesses until they fail. That’s when a neighborhood electrician comes to the rescue. Their mission is to keep residential and business lighting, electrical, and wiring systems up and running.

Librarian – $56,450 per year

Working in a library may appeal to book enthusiasts. The position entails a great deal of organization, as well as ensuring that items are in their appropriate locations and that any items checked out are properly recorded. You may, however, be asked to assist with events, which may be a great change of pace.

Freelance photographer – Average Annual Salary: $54,654

For many aspiring amateur photographers, becoming a freelance photographer is a dream come true. Their responsibilities include meeting with clients to discuss photography goals, shooting within these parameters, and editing the images for the best outcomes. A bachelor’s degree in photography or a similar field can assist a freelance photographer gain the information they need, but it is not essential.

Tour Guide – $28,900 per year

Serving as a tourist guide is a good option if you enjoy a locale or a particular educational place – such as museums – and have knowledge to share with tourists. If you’re looking for a fun job that pays well, this is a good option. You’ll spend the day conversing with people and exhibiting them the trendiest things you can think of.

Note: All the average salaries were gotten from the PayScale website.

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Bottom Line — easy jobs that pay well

At the end of this blog post, we hope your search for the list of easy jobs that pay well, has been fully satisfied.

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easy jobs that pay well

easy jobs that pay well

easy jobs that pay well

easy jobs that pay well

easy jobs that pay well

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