Advertisement Review(Is Legit or Scam?)

These days, you will be surprised on how new online money making platforms comes up with new ideas on how to make money online, and is no different.

I’m sure you are wondering what this site really is — this site is similar to the previous months trending money making site ‘’ which also allows users mine from crypto — you could as well call this site a copycat.


However, we have to find out the answers to some questions concerning this site. For example does minemyrands pay? Is Minemyrands legit or scam? Is it genuine?

Well, you could find out the answer to all these questions in Minemyrands review.

Advertisement Review

In this review, you should expect to see answers to the question concerning this site that is in your mind — I hope.

Inspire of that, you will also be seeing answers to questions that most users of this platform have asked, and one of these questions is probably why you are here which is to find out if minemyrands is legit, and paying or just another scam platform.

In addition, we are also going to be touching various areas of this site such as how does minemyrands work, what is minemyrands, who is the founder of, how to withdraw your earnings on minemyrands, and others.


Note that this review is not a promotion to the website being reviewed (, but to educate our readers on how this site works. Also, this review may change as we cannot tell what the future holds for this site, and we would not be held responsible for that.

What Is

Minemyrands is a cloud mining investment site where users on this site get access are allowed to mine from crypto after investment (by buying one of their mining plan).


How Does Work / How To Make Money

Like I said earlier, this site is a mining site, where users get access to their various mining categories. However, you cannot access this mining plans without creating an account on this site (see details on how to create an account later on this post).

Now that you have created your minemyrands account, you get a bonus of R10 which you should know by now that you cannot withdraw it. All new users are kept in a free mining plan on this platform where you can earn R1 – R2 per day by just mining.

However, free users have a lot of limitations on this site, and one of them is the mining limit — you can only mine once every 24 hours making it hard to reach your minimum withdrawal of R150. Another restriction on free users is the referral restrictions — you are limited to 3 downliners per IP.

Furthermore, you can choose to earn more on this site by upgrading your mining account. Well, you could upgrade your account depending on how much you want to earn daily.

There are 6 different mining plans on minemyrands, and each have different earnings per day, different referral bonus, and different minimal withdrawal. So you can select the one which suits you best.

Lastly, on this platform, you can decide to speed up your earnings through referral, you earn R1 – R3 from every downliner that sign up with your link.

How to get Referrals

I find this platform really hard to earn from without referral, do you feel the same? Anyway, to get your referral link, log into your dashboard, and click on the menu button in the top left corner of your dashboard – select ‘affiliates’, and your referral link will be shown to you.

Copy your referral link, and share it to whomever you wish to refer.


When Was Minemyrands Launched

There is no much information on the launch date of this platform, all we know is that this platform was launched July 2022.


Who Is The CEO / Founder of

The founder of minemyrands is currently unknown as the developers of this site has decided to keep that information to themselves. What do you think about this? To me, it seems like they have bigger plans in mind.

Where You Can Find Minemyrands

This platform was made solely for South African residents who wish to make money online, or mine from cryptocurrencies. Sign Up

To register/create your minemyrands account, go to the official website ‘’, and select register. Put in your name, and email address, and sign up — you are done.


How to perform Login steps

When logging into your minemyrands account, make sure you don’t forget your login details so that you won’t have to go through the trouble of recovering your password. To log into your account, go to the official website, and select sign-in, put in your login details, and login.


How to withdraw on

Withdrawing your earnings on this platform is easy, all you need to do is to log into your dashboard, and click the withdraw button.

You have to be careful when withdrawing on this platform, as any wrong step would be a problem for you.

After clicking on the withdrawal button, put in the amount you want to withdraw, and put in your bank name, and account number in this format ‘Bank Name & Account’, and submit withdrawal request.

Note: The minimum withdrawal threshold on this platform is R500.


Is Legit or Scam

There have been multiple proof of payment from minemyrands all over social media to call this site ‘’ a legit site.

Nevertheless, we would advise users of this site not to put more than they can afford to lose on this site.

If you think minemyrands is a scam site, do share your reasons below to help other readers, and don’t forget to share this post if you find this review insightful.


Thanks for reading minemyrands review till the end, and I hope we have answered your queries on this site? If yes do share, and if not, drop your questions, and we would try to reply.


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