Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Investing in the right place, or commodity, or market, has to be one of the greatest achievement in life, but doing it the other way round should be the greatest pain. Well, today we are going to be finding out if investing in is a great achievement or pain.

Inspire of that, this is a well-designed site which has partnered with many cryptocurrency markets, and companies – for example Binance. However, that doesn’t make legit, or does it? Is vestas genuine? Do vestas pay its users?

You could find the answers to all these questions in review. So read with caution — and I mean the caution of missing out on something in this review. Review

If you are reading this blog post, then there is no doubt that you are here to see the answers to most questions concerning this site — vestas.

Well, you are expected to see the answers you are looking for, and most importantly, the answer to the reoccurring question – is legit or scam?

This review doesn’t end there as s we are also going to be touching various areas of this site, some of these areas which you may already know are; what is How does vestas work? How to make money on Who is the founder of How to withdraw on sign up and login, is legit or scam — and more.

Note that this review doesn’t say it all, and this review may change in the nearest future, and we would not be held responsible for that. Also, we are not an affiliate to this site, neither are we promotion their site –!

What Is is an investment site which allows users invest/buy equipment on their platform for a particular period, and give the investors returns.

This platform has partnered with many top Cryptocurrencies companies — which you could as well say that this site invests in cryptos.


How Does Work / How To Make Money?

Making money on this site is no different from other investment sites, but to start investing/buying equipment on this site, you have to be a registered member — and what I mean by this is creating an account on vestas.

After creating an account, you get a welcome bonus of R50 which you cannot withdraw, but who cares, the investment plans are welcoming enough. You are to fund your vestas account to your desired investment plan price.

Once you are done with funding, you can now invest/ buy whatever plan/equipment you like. For example, you could choose to invest in the minimum plan ‘EV-1’ which cost R1000, and last for 90 days.


On this plan, you get nothing less than R50 daily which means in 90 days, you get a return of R4500 — how sweet! Nonetheless, you can decide to earn more on this site by upgrading your investment plan.

Let’s not forget referrals, you get more rewards when you bring new users to the platform through your referral link.

How To get Referral

Referring on this platform has lots of bonuses, some that we are yet to know too. However, to get you referral link, click on the ‘mine’ button, and select ‘invite’, and your referral link would be made available to you.


When Was Launched? was launched July 2022, but we are not sure of the actual date of launch, and that’s why we round it up to this month (July) because we noticed this platform July.


Who Is The CEO / Founder?

One of the mystery behind this platform is who the owner of is — we are yet to know that because the developers have decided to seal that information to themselves.

Where You Can Find Vestas? is an investment site done for only South Africans. So if you are worried about your location not being able to earn from it, then you better be. Sign Up

Creating an account with is the first step to making money on this site, and it is best you do it the right way. To create an account, go to the official site, and select register.


Fill in the necessary details required of you, and you are ready to earn.

How To Log Into Your Account?

When logging into your account, you are required to put in the phone number used during registration, and the password. To log into you account, go to the official website, and select sign-in.


How to withdraw on

Withdrawing on is not something you should fret on, all you need to do is to click on ‘mine’, and select ‘withdraw’.


Note that you will need to add you account number or USDT wallet address to withdraw on this platform. So if you are yet to do that, you better save your account number on vestas now.

Luckily for you, there is no withdrawal threshold on this platform, so you are free to withdraw any amount you want.


Is Legit or Scam?

Now we have come to the most important part of this post which is finding out the answer to the question – “Is legit or scam?”

Well, we haven’t received any reports of this site being a scam, neither have we seen any proof of payment from this site, all because this is still a new site.


Nevertheless, we would advise all users to avoid putting more than they can lose on this site, or wait till there is a valid proof of payment because even the minimum investment plan is big as well.

If you find this review helpful in any way, do share with your friend, and families.


Thanks for reading till the end of review.

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