Latest Ella.Fund Review: Find Out If Ella.Fund is Legit or Scam

If making money online was as easy as has made it, then I’m pretty sure everyone won’t be broke again. However, the question here today is – is it possible to get $100 after a couple of referrals?


Well, we are going to find out the answer to that on review. There have been various misunderstandings about this site all over the net, and I hope to clear some. is more like a growing crypto coin (you could as well call it a polygon) which you can invest in, and I’m talking of long term investment here, and profit from later in the future. Just like Bitcoin – do you know that if you had $20 Bitcoin in 2010, you will be 8000x richer than you are now?!


So basically, that’s what aims to achieve. Nevertheless, is that what they are really trying to do? Or are they just planning to make people invest, then run away? Is genuine? Why isn’t giving me my $100 bonus? Is legit?

These are questions you should know the answers to by the end of review. Don’t be eager to scroll the end as you may miss why you haven’t gotten your $100 bonus — LOL Review

This review is meant to answer top queries regarding this site, and also to answer the question — is legit or scam? Is genuine? Does pay? These are the major questions I will be answering.


The other questions I will be answering is our normal dance questions, and some of them are what is How does work? How to create an account? sign-up, how to withdraw on And more.


Please note that this review is not a promotion to the site ‘’ neither am I an affiliate to this site. This review is done solely for the education of our readers only.


What Is is many things — for example a private platform like WhatsApp, and telegram, a fundraiser platform, and more.


However, what really is Well, to my understanding, is an aspiring crypto coin which aims to be bigger than Bitcoin (one-day).


Moreover, according to the platform, ‘ is a cryptocurrency convert platform that provides its clients with a little more than just a simple conversion service.

It lets them be investors and helps them monetize their business. It has a nice user interface and users can get attached to it with multiple features catering to different types of users.


It also appeals to a huge audience, from investors to enthusiasts and even traders. Also, claims to be the best platform for crypto investors — so, if you are one you may want to consider’


How Does Work / How To Make Money on

Making money on is easy, all you just have to do is to either refer or trade, and before you can do this, you know what to do (create an account).


Once you have created your account, you get a welcome bonus of 100 ella (and not $100). To earn from investment, you have to by an investment plan, and you can do this using a crypto wallet.


Note that payments are only made through the shown crypto wallets on the platform, and any other wallet used may result to you losing your money.

Also, your investment plan could last for as long as a lifetime. For example, the minimum investment plan ‘ella basic’, cost $29 which lasts for only a month. On this plan, you get 30% on your payout, and also 0.05 for each click as well as 13 for each share.


Moreover, this increase when you upgrade to a better investment plan. Also, note that there are no payment limits on this platform. So, you can either keep your Ella, and hope it rises like Bitcoin or you can decide to withdraw it anytime.


Another way to earn on this platform is through referral. See how referral works below.


How To Refer Or Invite

All users of this platform can find their referral link once they log into their account which you can copy, and also share to whomever you want.


For each referral made through your link, you get 10 ella.funds(in dollars). I found out this is where people make the mistake of $100 for 10 referrals.

Basically, you are getting 100 Ella in dollars, and not $100. An Ella is not even up to $1 so, don’t make that mistake of getting free $100.


Also, for each click gotten on your referral link, you get $0.1 (this time it’s dollar, and not ella).


When Was Launched has been available on the internet since the beginning of this year. So, you can technically say was launched this year (2022).


Who Is the Owner of

The founder of hasn’t still be made known. He/she is probably a ninja – LOL. The developers of this site has hidden their identity from everyone.


Where You Can Find Ella? is available in most countries including South Africa, Canada, and more. So, you are always free to check if it is also available in your country.


Furthermore, doesn’t require any special details from you before you can access the platform. Sign Up

To create your account, go to the website, and put in the necessary details. These details are your full name, your phone number, and also your email.


How To Log Into Your Account?

To log into your account, you must have confirmed your email which you used during registration.

Once you confirm your email, you will see your login details which you can save for future purpose.


How to withdraw on

Withdrawals on depends on what you used during registration. What I mean here is – before you sign up, you are given two options to sign-up with.


The first is your bank account, and the second is your crypto address. This way, whatever method you choose is what you will use to withdraw.


Is Legit or Scam?

There have been quite a lot of proof of payment from, and lots of complaints from this site as well. Most of these complaints is because of the self-proclaimed $100 which I’m sure by now, I’ve cleared that misunderstanding.


However, I can’t call this site a legit site, neither can I call a scam site. I can grade a 50/50 site which you should know by now, it’s very risky to invest in these kinds of sites.


Also, for those who are still willing to take the risk, I will advise you all to avoid putting more than you can afford to lose — just in case the grade falls to the wrong side.


Either way, what do you all think about Is legit or scam? Do share your experience on this site with us.


Thanks for reading till the end of review.

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