Advertisement Review(Is Legit or Scam??)

Hey guys! How would you like to stack some money from Treasurestores.Online? If you are interested, then you may want to read review before opening an account.



Well, for those wondering what this platform is, basically, you are just doing nothing other than logging in daily (for free users) to begin your stakes.

In spite of that, you are not doing anything strange. However, this site has refused to tell their aim, and where the staked money are coming from which makes you ask – is legit or scam? Does treasurestores pay? Is treasurestores genuine?



These questions are very important to the future of this earning site, and also the users. Nevertheless, I’m going to be attending to all that on review. So, stay with us till the end. Review

By now, you should already know what I aim to achieve on this review. However, I’m going to still say it as it is crucial you know. This review is going to be answering the question – is legit or scam?



Nonetheless, I’m not stopping there because there are numerous questions most readers want to know, and I’m going to answer that too.


Some of these questions I will be answering are; what is How to earn on Who is the owner of treasurestores? How to withdraw on treasurestores? login, and more

A reminder to all our readers, this review is not done as a promotion to the site ‘’, neither am I an affiliate to the site. However, treasurestores review is done solely for the education of our readers, and aspiring users alone.

What Is

Well, is an online earning platform where users are allowed to complete daily task or recharge their account to make money fast.


How Does Work / How To Make Money from

Earning on has to be one of the easiest way to make money online. Nevertheless, you have to be a member of this site (see details on how to create your account later on this post).


All new members on are given a welcome bonus of R15 which of course, you can’t withdraw or use. However, you can earn from their free store.

On the free store, you get to stack R3-R5 daily without investing which means in a month, you should be able to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold of R150.

However, users can choose to earn more by upgrading to a premium package/store. Well, upgrading your account to a premium store doesn’t have a fixed amount which means you can use any amount to upgrade.


Yes, you can upgrade with even R1. Moreover, what you will be earning daily is not even close to what you earn as a free user.

Note: For premium users, stacking is every 4 hours which means if you can actually stack 6 times a day. Also, you earn 1.5%-2% per stacking, and 9%-12% daily.


Furthermore, your upgrade only lasts for 30 days, and you can only withdraw your earnings after 20 complete stacks. Also note that your stacks resets to zero after every complete withdrawal.


For those willing to earn more, you could try referring. Referrals like always, help to boost users revenue — so I will advise you to take part on this. For each referral made on treasurestores, you get R2, and you also get 3% of your referral commission when they withdraw.

How to get Referral

Referring comes in handy for those who are willing to speed up their earning or increase their income. You earn 3% of your referral commission.

This commission is your referral total stacks/earnings while withdrawing — isn’t that good? All user’s referral link are shown to them on their dashboard which they can copy, and share to whomever they want.


When was launched has been launched since the 1st of August, and is already the gist on social media. However, this platform is giving a bonus of an extra 15 days stacking contract extension for the first 200 premium upgrades.

Now would be the right time to grab your spot — log into your account, and deposit.

Who Is the owner of

The owner of treasurestores is currently unknown because the developers have decided to keep that information to themselves.


Where you can find is available to all users worldwide — as long as you are looking for a passive income earning stream, then is for you. Sign Up

Like always, you have to be a member of this platform before you can access all those goodies. However, this process is not hard.

All you require is a valid email which a verification code will be sent to, your username, and your password. Referral code on treasurestores is not compulsory like other earning site. Login

To log into your treasurestores account, visit the official website ‘’, and select sign-in. Put in your login details, and you are in.


How to withdraw on

All withdrawal are made to the account details submitted. To withdraw your earnings, log into your dashboard, and click ‘withdraw’.

Put it in your account details, then submit your withdrawal request, your withdrawal will be processed within two working days.

Note that the minimum withdrawal you can make as a free user is R150 while premium users can only withdraw after 20 stakes.


Is Legit or Scam

Finding out the answer to the question “is legit or scam?” is important! However, it is also essential you know that is a new earning site which was launched recently.


So, deciding if this platform is a scam now, would be a hasty judgement because it hasn’t been reported as one. Nonetheless, I will advise all users to stick to the free daily earning to avoid being a victim (if treasurestores ends up being a scam).


Moreover, if you find this review insightful in any way, do share with friends, and families.

I have come to the end of review. Drop your questions.


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