Advertisement Review: Is Legit or Scam?

If you are still looking for a way to invest, trade or probably earn from the forex market, then is for you.



This site basically aims to grow user profit by convincing them to invest their savings, and get returns rather than leaving their money in their respective banks, and still get charges.

It seems like a great idea, but I still can’t trust this site with my money, and neither should you UNLESS the answer to the questions – is legit? Does my forex bank pay? Is genuine?



Well, the answers to these questions could make me consider putting my money on this investment site. Luckily for you all, the answers to those questions are available on review. Review

In this review, you should expect to see answers to top queries regarding this site, and also to answer the question — is legit or scam? Is genuine? Does myforexbank pay? These are the major questions we would be answering.



The other questions we would be answering is our normal routine, and some of them are what is How does myforexbank work? How to create a myforexbank account? sign-up, how to withdraw on And more.

Please note that this review is not a promotion to the site ‘’ neither are we an affiliate to this site. This review is done solely for the education of our readers only.


What Is

For those wishing to know what this site is, then this part is for you. My forex bank is a self-standing forex broker which allows users (forex traders & investors) to invest, and earn higher income.

Investing is nothing less than staking your money into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit. is basically putting your money into their platform which they help you trade on the forex market, and give you returns.


How Does Work / How To Make Money?

Making money on myforexbank is no different from other investment site. Basically, you need your money to work for you.

However, you cannot invest on this site without being a registered member. You can see the details on how to create your myforexbank account later on this post.


Once you have created your account, you get a welcome bonus of R50 which of course, you cannot withdraw. However, you can add to this welcome bonus to invest on this site.

To make money on, you have to find your account, and purchase an investment pam/package. Once you have invested, you have to wait for your investment package to ripe before you can get your total returns.


On, you can make an investment of R100, up to R2000 depending on your budget. For example, if you make an investment of R100, you make a profit of 0.50% every 30 mins which means in a day, you make a total of 24%.


Like always, you can always increase your daily earnings or rather, speed up your earnings through referrals. Lean hot to get your referral link below.


How To Refer Or Invite?

Referring on is one of the best ways to earn on myforexbank. You get a referral bonus for each referral brought through your link.

To get your referral link on, all you need to do is to click on the menu button in the top right corner of your dashboard, and select ‘referral’.


When Was Launched?

Myforexbank was launched on the 5th of August 2022, and already have few investors on it. The growth of this platform is quite intriguing, but that doesn’t determine the legitimacy of this investment site.


Who Is The CEO / Founder of

No one knows whom the founder of my forex bank is because he/she has kept that information from everyone. However, this is not the first time I have seen something like that.


Where You Can Find Myforexbank?

Myforexbank is available to all users worldwide — basically, there is no special restriction to who or whom can use this site. So, you are free to register, and also earn from Sign Up

Creating your myforexbank account shouldn’t be an issue because all the details needed are you will most probably give on any site.


What you require to create your myforexbank account is nothing less than your username, full name, your phone number, an email address, strong password, and let’s not forget a referral code (optional).


Once you are done with creating your account, I will advise you to fill out your profile as that would help during withdrawals.


How To Log Into Your Account

When logging into your myforexbank account, be sure to remember your login details or else, you will have to go through a long process recovering it.

Visit the official website ‘’, and select sign-in, then put in your login details to gain access to your account.


How to withdraw on

You can add your bank details to your profile once you want to withdraw your earnings. However, using the above method has a restriction because there are only two accepted banks on!


Furthermore, you can also withdraw with your Litecoin wallet address or your Bitcoin wallet address. Note that the minimum withdrawal threshold is R75, and there is always an admin charge of 5% on every withdrawal made.


Withdrawals on myforexbank are always processed within two working days. Anything more than that, you should contact their customers support.


Is Legit or Scam?

As much as you all want to know the answer to the question – is legit? Well, I’m shocked to tell you that myforexbank is still an infant site — meaning it was recently launched, and is yet to pay any of its users.


However, this site has not been reported as a scam either which is quite promising so far since its launch date. Moreover, it is important you know the answers to these questions before putting your hard-earned money into this site.


Also, for those eager to out this investment site, I will advise you not to put more than you wish to lose on this site because no one really knows when a site would crash.

If you find this review insightful, do share with your friends, and family. Also, don’t forget to comment on what you think about this site ‘’.


We have come to the end of review. Thanks for reading, and do come back for more interesting reviews.


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