Advertisement Review: Is Legit or Scam?

If you are still interested in investing, and you are yet to find an investment site, maybe you should try This site is not a super investment site, but it’s quite okay if you ask me.

Well, in other to partake in this investment site (or any investment site), you will need your money to work for you. This brings us to the question – is legit? Does neu-centrix pay? Is genuine?



I’m pretty sure without the answers to these queries, most users won’t put their money into NeuCentrix or am I wrong? Moreover, the answers to these questions will be shown to you on review.



So, pay attention to every details on this review to avoid missing anything. Review

In today’s review, readers should expect to find answers to the legitimacy of which goes thus – is legit or scam?


Apart from that, review is going to a little interesting as I’m also going to be answering some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) of neu-centrix.


Some of these queries/questions are what is Neu-Centrix? How does Neucentrix work? Who is the founder of neucentrix? Neu-Centrix sign-up? How to withdraw on Neu-Centrix? And more.


An important but friendly reminder to all readers of review — this site is not an affiliate to, neither am I promoting this site by writing on it. This review is done purely for the education of our readers.


What Is

Neu-Centrix is a telecommunication company which has given people the opportunity to invest in their data service providers, and get returns.

This investment platform is the same as most investment sites within the past months. Nevertheless, it has a different earning per investment. Learn how works below.


How Does Work / How To Make Money?

Like I’ve always said, to investment requires something in return to get something better. Well, on, your money is needed — however, you need to be a registered member of this site before you can access those goodies.


Newly registered member on Neu-Centrix are given a welcome bonus of 700 NGN which of course, you can withdraw until you met the minimum withdrawal threshold of 1000 NGN.


To start investing on, you will need to find/deposit into your account. For instance, if you want to invest into the minimum investment package which costs 3000 NGN, you will have to deposit that exact amount.


On this plan, you get a daily earning of 300 NGN, and a total earning of 27,000 NGN at the end of 90 days. This is basically seven times your initial deposit or investment.

Moreover, you can earn more on by upgrading your account to a higher investment plan. All users could undoubtedly go as much as earning 200,000 NGN daily on the highest investment plan. On the contrary, I will advise you not to put too much as you don’t know the answer to the question – is legit or scam?


Furthermore, you can become a passive income earner by engaging the affiliate earning program. You get commission for each referral brought to the platform through your unique link. Do you want to know more on how referral works on Neu-centrix? Read more below.


How To Refer Or Invite?

To get your referral link, log into your account, and click on ‘me’, select ‘my referral link’, then copy and share to whomever you wish to refer.


For each referral you make on Neu-Centrix, you could enjoy a profit of up to 15% commission from all 3 levels when they deposit. Furthermore, you can also earn as a team on this platform.


When Was Launched? is currently a newly launched site which was brought to the internet on the 23rd of August 2022. This site has been in the mouth of most social media users since the day of launch.

However, this doesn’t make a legit site, or does it? Keep reading to find out.


Who Is The CEO / Founder of Neu-centrix?

At the moment, the founder of neucentrix is unknown because the developers of this site ‘’ has kept that information hidden, and sealed from all users.


Where You Can Find Neu-centrix?

Neu-centrix is available to everyone, anywhere — only with the criteria/requirement of having a Nigerian phone number. Well, this is compulsory as there is no other way to open an account or invest with this site without that number. Sign Up

Like I mentioned earlier, when creating your neu-centrix account, you will need a Nigerian phone number. Once you have this, basically Al your issues when registering are solved.


Visit the neu-centrix official website ‘’, then select ‘register’ to create your account.


How To Log Into Your Account?

All users can gain access to their access their account either through the official website ‘’, or through neu-centrix mobile app.


Note that when logging into your neu-centrix account, you will be required to put in your phone number, and password.


How to withdraw on

The first step to making withdrawal on neucentrix is for you to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold of 1000 NGN.


Once you have meet that requirement, you will need to add your bank account — in other words, bind your bank card.

All users can make withdrawal whenever they want, and you will receive your fund within two hours of request.


Is Legit or Scam? is currently a new investment site, and is yet to pay its users. Nonetheless, this doesn’t make neu-centrix a scam site as it is yet to be reported as a scam.


Furthermore, it is crucial you avoid putting too much into this site as no one knows if this site would end up being a scam, or probably a legit site.


Do share this review to your referrals to help them have a less stressful time on Neu-Centrix, and also know the answer to the question – is legit or scam.


I have come to the end of review. Do share, and comment what you think on this site.


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