Advertisement Review(Is Legit or Scam? Find Out!)


The internet has become most people major source of income, and it could as well be yours if you sign up on (well, that’s your choice).


This site has a three in one earning strategy, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to miss out on this. Puddiing could give you a standard passive income earning stream only if it is legit — wait! Is puddiing legit? Does puddiing pay? Is puddiing genuine?
Find out the answers to all these questions on review. Don’t be eager to rush through this post if you don’t want to miss anything important.


Advertisement Review

If you still don’t know the purpose of this review, well this review is going to be answering the reoccurring question – is legit or scam? Also, I’m also going to be most frequently asked questions (FAQs) on puddiing.


Some of these questions are what is puddiing? How to get more tasks on puddiing? How does puddiing work? When was puddiing launched? Puddiing sign-up? How to withdraw on puddiing? And more.
Note that this review is not done to promote the puddiing site neither am I an affiliate to the site ‘’. Additionally, review is done purposely for education of our readers, users, and aspiring users of puddiing.



What Is

Puddiing is an online task paying site where users on this site earn commission for each task completed, and at the same time, get coin mining earnings.
Well, is an affiliate to Amazon — in other words, puddiing is basically completing orders for Amazon, and also other bigger e-commerce companies.


How Does Work / How To Make Money

On puddiing, your main job is to complete simple tasks which takes little or no effort. However, you cannot access this site ‘’ without be a member of the site.

All newly registered users of puddiing are given a welcome bonus of 1000 NGN which you can use to invest in their minimum package (level 1 package). On this free plan, you get a commission of ₦9.2 for each task/order completed, and ₦165.6 at the end of the day.

Furthermore, you get a coin mining earning bonus for each task you complete. Note that this coin mining earning can only be unlocked with referral, and is totally different from referral earnings.

Additionally, you can upgrade to a higher VIP package. Well, to do this, you will need to fund your account to upgrade your task earnings to another level. On the contrary, I won’t advise this unless you know the answer to the question — is legit or scam?

Lastly, you can earn more on puddiing through referral. This is a way to boost your earnings, and also meet the minimum threshold faster. For each referral made on, you get up to 6% of your referral’s order — well, this depends on your membership level.
Read more on how puddiing referral works below.


How To Refer Or Invite on Puddiing

To get your puddiing referral link, log into your account, and click ‘me’, then select ‘Invite friends to double the income’. Your unique referral link will be shown to you which you can share to whomever you want.
Referring earnings are paid based on your membership level — for example, if you are on level 1 membership level, you get 6% your referral orders. Alternatively, if you are on level 2 or 3 membership level, you get 3% and 1% respectively.

Furthermore, you can earn as a team on puddiing, and this comes with bigger benefit than normal referral.


When Was Puddiing Launched

Puddiing was launched on the 24th of August 2022, and has been on the mouth of most social media users who are sharing their referral link to earn from it.

However, this site popularity doesn’t guarantee that is a legit site, and this brings us back to the question — is puddiing legit?


Who Is The CEO/Founder of puddiing

The founder of is currently unknown as the developers of this site has decided to keep that information a secret from everyone. On the contrary, this site has made their connection to the giant e-commerce company ‘Amazon’ known.
Well, that is not enough answer to make puddiing a trustworthy earning site.


Where You Can Find Puddiing

Puddiing is available to all users worldwide to earn by completing simple tasks. Currently, there is no restriction to whom can access or earn from this money making site.
All you have to do to earn on is to create an account (see details below). Sign Up

There are two ways to create your puddiing account — the first step/way is with your phone number. However, this has criteria which is ‘it must be a Nigerian phone number’.
While the second step is with an email address, and with this, anyone can create an account.

To start creating your puddiing account, visit the official website ‘’, and click sign-up. Put in the required details, and you are ready to earn.


How To Log Into Your Account

To log into your puddiing account, go to which will take you directly to the login page.
Put in your login details — that is, your phone number/email address, and your password. Then submit to gain access to your account.


How to withdraw on

Withdrawing on is not going to be a problem. All you need is to bind your bank card i.e. adding your account number.
Note that not all banks are accepted on this site, so I will advise you to check if your bank is available before adding money to this site.
Also, the minimum withdrawal threshold before your withdrawal request will be granted is ₦4000.


Is Legit or Scam? is currently a new site, and is yet to be reported as a scam site. Also, there is no payment proof from this site — however, this doesn’t make puddiing a scam site.
Nevertheless, I will advise all users to avoid putting more than they can afford to lose on this site.
Also, if you think is a legit or scam site, do share your reasons with us.

Thanks so much for reading review till the end, and also don’t forget to share if you find this review insightful.


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