Advertisement Review(Is Legit or a Scam?)

What do you think about investment? Well, if you don’t know what investment is, then you don’t know one of the major, and easy way to grow your wealth. could help you build your wealth foundation — all you have to do is invest, and nothing else.



On alphasplan, you don’t need to have one stock market pricing skill or trading skill. All investment plans on this site ‘’ have been set to favor every one with almost no risk.



In spite of that assurance, I can’t still trust them with my money neither should you UNLESS you know their legitimacy level. Wait!! Is alphasplan legit? Does alphasplan pay? Is alphasplan genuine?

Know the answers to all these questions, and more on review. Don’t forget to share your opinion on ‘ review’ later at the end of this post.


Let’s dive right in!

Advertisement Review

Today’s review is going to be on a new investment site — a lookalike of in fact, but with another earning style. Well, I am going to teach you many things regarding this investment site ‘’, and also answer the frequently asked queries.


Let’s not forget the probable reason you are here which is to know the answer to the question – is legit or scam?

Some questions I will be answering are what is alphasplan? How does alphasplan work? How to make money on alphasplan? Who is the founder of alphasplan? When was alphasplan launched? How to withdraw on alphasplan? How to create your alphasplan account? And more.


A beautiful reminder to all users, and readers of review. This review is neither done as a promotion nor affiliate to the site ‘’. Note that alphasplan review is made for the education of our readers, and readers only.


What Is

According to the platform, ‘Alpha’s Plan is a profitable and sustainable cloud computing server project which has been developed and managed by the Innovation department of Alpha Microelectronics Corp for already 3 years.


Well, this alpha microelectronics Corp ‘’, is allowing us to invest in their products, and also get returns.

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to miss out on alphasplan investment because their return on investments (ROI) are huge. Let’s learn how works below.


How Does Work / How To Make Money

Like mentioned, alphasplan is an investment site where users can grow their income which means you will have let your money work for you. Moreover, you will have to create an account — besides you can’t earn from this site without having one.


Well, you are given a welcome bonus of ₦700 which is so close to the minimum withdrawal threshold, and you can cash out this money without depositing with referral.

To earn on alphasplan, you have to fund your account. The minimum amount you can deposit on alphasplan is ₦3000 which you can use to invest in the minimum package.


On this investment plan ‘Alpha-F101’, you get a daily return of ₦300, and a total return of ₦18,000 at the end of your investment (60 days).

Furthermore, you can decide to earn more by upgrading your investment package. There are numerous plans you can pick from — well, I won’t advise you buy them till you know that answer to the question – is legit?


Additionally, users on this site ‘alphasplan’ can earn more by engaging in the affiliate program. With this, you can double, and also boost your income. Learn more on how referral works below.


How To Refer Or Invite

On, you enjoy a profit of up to 15% commission rate for each referral brought to alphasplan. Alternatively, this 15% commission rate is only for those on level 3 referral level.

On level 1 alphasplan referral, you get 10% commission when your referral sign-up with your link, and buys a product. Furthermore, on level 2, you get an extra 4% when your referral refers another user (you also get the level 1 commission on level 2).

To get your exclusive referral link, login into your account, click ‘me’, and select ‘referral program’. Your referral link will be made available to you which you can share to whomever you want to refer.


When Was Alphasplan Launched? is evidently a new site which was launched on the 26th of August 2022. Well, people are already having interest in this site enormous returns on their investment.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t prove anything until the question — is alphasplan legit or scam – has been answered.


Who Is The CEO / Founder of

Hidden information which is also a shame to with the way they boast of their achievements. Well, the developers of alphasplan has kept that information a secret, and I don’t think he/she plans on revealing that information.


Is this part of a big plan in scamming people? Or is it something to overlook? Well, stay with us till the end to find out.


Where You Can Find

This site ‘’, was created for only those with a Nigerian phone number, and also a Nigerian bank account which if you ask me, is not enough restriction to stop those who are hungry to earn from alphasplan. Sign Up

Creating an account is the first step to earning on alphasplan, and you will surely need to put in some of your details.


Some of the details you will have to put to create your account are; your phone number (a Nigerian phone number), and your strong password.


Well, referral code is not compulsory to create an account on this site. So, you can just visit the official website ‘’ to get started.


How To Log Into Your Account

All users can gain access to their access their account either through the official website ‘’, or through alphasplan mobile app.


Note that when logging into your alphasplan account, you will be required to put in your phone number, and password.


How to withdraw on

Well, guess what? On alphasplan you can withdraw any time of the week you want, and there is no ‘but’ to withdraw on this site.

However, you cannot withdraw your money within putting your bank details. To do this, click ‘me’, and select ‘bind bank card’, and save your account details.


Note: The minimum withdrawal threshold on this platform is ₦1000 which is not hard to meet with referrals.


Is Legit or Scam?

The answer to the question – is legit? – can’t be answered now because the site ‘alphasplan’ evidently just launched, and is yet to pay any of its users.

Nonetheless, this site isn’t a scam site as it is yet to be reported to as one. However, I will advise users to avoid putting more than they can afford to lose on this site.


What do you think of the site – Is alphasplan legit or scam? Do share your answers in the comment box.


Thanks for reading review till the end.


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