Review(Is Legit or Scam?)

How would you like to milk some rand out of If you are interested in that idea, then you better don’t miss a word in this review.

This site is an investment site with different e-commerce companies on it. Basically, you are to buy an investment plan on this site, and earn daily bonus which will sum up to your total commission at the end of the investment period.


Nonetheless, we are here to find out if this site actually pays — not only that we are also going to be answering some queries concerning

Stay with us till the end of this review to understand how this site fully works. Review

Before we get started, we would like to bring to everyone attention that this review is not an advert/promotion to, neither are we an affiliate to zacows.


Be reassured that review is authentic, and solely for the education of our readers, and those who are interested in this earning site.

In this review, you should expect to see answers to queries regarding this site, and also let’s not forget one of the most important reason we are here which is to find out the answer to the question – is legit or scam?

Some queries we would be answering are what is zacows? Who is the founder of When was zacows launched? How to withdraw on And more


What Is

Like I mentioned earlier, is an investment site — in fact a farming investment site where users can invest low, and gain high within days.


I’m sure you are wondering what this site has to do with cows when it is actually in partnership with Amazon – the giant e-commerce company.

Well, it was stated they have joined force to hold agricultural crowdfunding in the United States. However, you don’t need to be in the agricultural sector or have any idea on farming to earn from this site.

How Does Work / How To Make Money?

Making money on this site is easy because you are only investing, but before you can start earning/investing, you have to create an account with zacows (see details later on this post).


After creating your personal zacows account, you get a welcome bonus of R50 which you should know by now that you cannot withdraw this bonus without investing or reaching the minimum withdrawal of R60.

Now you are ready to invest — you can choose from the different investment plans on this site. Note that each of these plans have different daily commission, and also returns.

For example, if you invest in the minimum investment plan which is called ‘Kerry’, you get a daily return of R5.60, and monthly return of R168.00.

Furthermore, you can also earn more on zacows by upgrading your investment plan, but note that these investments plans increases in price of activation — that is, the higher your investment plan, the more you pay to activate that plan.


Earning does not stop there on zacows as you can also earn through referral. On this platform, you earn commission for each user registered through your referral link.


How To Refer Or Invite on Zacows

On, you can decide to increase or speed up your earnings through referral. The referral bonus on this platform is gotten once your referral completes his/her registration.


To get your referral link on zacows, click on ‘mine’, and select ‘invite’. Now, you can copy your referral link, and share it to whomever you want to refer.


When Was Launched was launched on the 28th of July 2022, and has already gotten the interest of most South Africans – especially those on Facebook.

Who Is The Owner of

One of the mysteries behind this platform is who the founder of zacows is. No one knows this information as the founder of this platform has decided to hide his/her identity from everyone. It seems he/she doesn’t like fame, or they have a bigger plan in mind – probably.


Where You Can Find Zacows

Zacows is a farming investment site made specifically for South Africans which means that unless you have a South African number, and account number you cannot earn nor withdraw from this site. Sign Up

Creating an account on zacows is the first, and important step to making money on this platform, and to do that, you will need to submit some details.

These details are your full name, your phone number which a verification code would be sent to, a password, and your referral code.

Note: It is essential you have a referral code unless, you won’t be able to find nor access this site. If you need a referral code, you can go to Facebook.


How to Perform Login process

Logging into your zacows account shouldn’t be a problem if you remember your password, or saved it. To log into your account, go to the zacows website or open the zacows mobile app, and select sign-in.


How to withdraw on

Before you can withdraw on, you will need to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold of R60, and also deposit a minimum of R150 into this platform.

If you did not do the above stated requirements, your withdrawal request will not be accepted. Also, you can withdraw directly to your bank account. To do this, you will need to put in your account details when requesting withdrawals.


Is Legit or Scam?

As important as the answer to the question – ‘is legit or scam?’ is, it is important you know that was recently launched, and is yet to pay its users. Also, this site has not been reported as a scam site by any of its users.


However, we would advise you to avoid putting more than you can afford to lose on this site, or better still, wait till there is a valid proof of payment from zacows.

Moreover, if you think zacows is legit or scam, do share your reason with us in the comments box, and don’t forget tho share with friends.


Thanks for reading Zacows Review till the end.

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