Advertisement Review(Is Legit or Scam? Find Out)

Making money these days has become one of the easiest things to do with the internet as there are numerous ways you can earn online. One of these ways is with, an investment site you may have interest in.



Valero-ng is quite an attraction with its investment plans which allows users to earn up to seven times their initial investment even at its minimum investment plan.



However, not everything is known about this investment site ‘‘, and I’m doing you the honors of revealing everything you need to know about valero-ng.


Furthermore, as many returns as valero-ng claims to give, it is important all users know every little details about this site before joining. For example, the answer to the question – is legit or scam?



Luckily for all readers, review will be showing you how valero-ng works, and will be answering most of your questions. So, do not miss any part of this review, and don’t forget to share your reviews on valero-ng at the end of this post. Review

There are numerous investment sites out there which promises to pay its users when they invest. However, not every one of them stick to their promises. Nonetheless, in review, I’m going to be showing you how legitimate valero-ng is by revealing the answer to the question — is legit or scam?


Not only that, review is going to be packed with top queries on valero-ng, and I’m going to be giving answers to each, and every one of them.

Here are some of the queries I will be attending to on valero-ng review; what is valero-ng? How does valero-ng work? Who is the founder of valero-ng? When was valero-ng launched? How to withdraw on valero-ng? And many more.


A friendly reminder to all readers of review — this review is neither a promotion neither am I an affiliate to valero-ng. Also note that review is solely for the education of our esteemed readers.


What is

Valero-ng is an energy investment platforms which claims to give users cool cash when they invest in their investment plans.


Moreover, you cannot access these investment plans without creating your account which of course is the very first step to start earning on valero-ng.


How to Earn from

Well, to start earning on, you need to fund your account to your desired investment plan. On valero-ng, there are numerous investment plans you can select from.


Note that these investment plans have different returns gotten at the end of your investment, and its investment period varies. Furthermore, there are two categories of investment on valero-ng, and they are: the normal investment, and the faster return investment.


Well, the normal investment are quite cheap, and it has a longer investment period. For example, the minimum investment is a normal investment. On this package, you get a daily earning of 300 NGN which lasts for 90 days, and a total earning of 27000 NGN.


Nonetheless, you can earn more with this type of investment by upgrading your package. Well, I’m strongly against this unless you have the answer to the question – is legit?


Moreover, the faster return investments are costly, but with shorter investment period. These investment gives a higher return, but are only available when you purchase the normal investment plan, and also refer a new user.


Alternatively, users on valero-ng can make more money in another way, and that is referrals. For each member you bring to valero-ng with your affiliate link, you earn commission.


How to get Referrals

Referrals on depends on your referral level. For instance, you obtain 12% of Level 1’s recharge amount, 6% of Level 2’s, and 1% of Level 3’s.


Furthermore, the bonus is given immediately right after referrals make a payment, rather than registration. So, to get your valero-ng referral link, click ‘team’, then copy your link, and share to friends.


When was Launched was launched on the 12th of September 2022, and is already quite popular with users who are showing off their earnings on valero-ng.


However, do not make the mistake of calling valero-ng a legit site because of its popularity, or is it? Is legit? Keep on reading to figure out the answer to that question.


Who is the Owner of

No one knows whom the founder of is because the developers has decided to keep that information from everyone, and this seems quite suspicious. What do you think? Sign Up

Opening a valero-ng account is very easy — nonetheless, you will need to submit some necessary details.


These details are your phone number (a Nigerian phone number), captcha code, and password. Note that without a Nigerian phone number, you cannot create your valero-ng account.

So, to start creating your valero-ng account, visit its official website ‘’, then select register. Login

To log into your valero-ng account, go to the sign-up page, and fill in your login details. That is, your phone number, and password.


How to Withdraw on

Before you can withdraw your earnings on, you will have to bind your bank card. Well, this mean adding your account details, and make sure you don’t put in the wrong information.


Furthermore, you will need to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold of 1000 NGN before you can withdraw your earnings. So, locate the withdrawal portal, and request withdrawals.


Is Legit or Scam

There has been no reports made by any user of to make this site a scam site. Also, valero-ng is not a legit site either because there is no proof of payment from this platform to make it legit.


Furthermore, is a fairly new site — meaning it is currently too early to start deciding the fate of this platform.

Nevertheless, I would advise all users to refrain from putting more than they can afford to lose on valero-ng.

Well, if you have anything to say on this earning site, you can share it with us in the comments below.



Thanks for reading till the end of review.


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