Advertisement Review(Is Legit or Scam? Find Out)

Looking for a way to earn some frer cash in your free time? You can achieve this without even leaving your home or quitting your job? A quick way this can be done, is if you sign up on a money making website. A website like!


Advertisement is not a platform that is popularly known, yet. This is probably because it was recently launched. Or because those who are earning from it, do not just want to share it with others. But know this, sheinbj is a really amazing platform.



You are in luck! You have landed on a page that will tell yoi everything you need to know about, and this will help your earning journey be a smooth sail.

As the title says, this is a review. And this implies that this article will be providing explanations, answers to questions, and simplifications of everything related to sheinbj. The good thing about earning, is that it is so simple. And also, there are bonuses for members some of the time. Review

This sheinbj review may not be as lengthy as the others you will find on the internet. But trust that this one would definitely be information packed and very well explained. Whatever you are seeking that made you land on this review page, you will definitely leave this page with more than enough knowledge of what you seek. That’s a fact!



This review has got answers to many of your questions. And these are questions like: how to earn money from sheinbj, how to get referral, how to perform login process, how to withdraw from sheinbj, is legit or scam, and so on.

What is

Sheinbj is a money making platform that gives you order grabbing tasks.


‘Order grabbing platforms’ are sites that will pay you to place orders on virtual products.


Something amazing about, is the welcome bonus that you will receive as a new member. If you haven’t already joined the platform, bear in mind that you will definitely get a bonus of $19 as soon as you finish up sign up process.

Note: You may need to contact their customer care on whatsapp, before you can get your registration bonus.

You can always earn on this platform everyday with ease and zero stress. Another important thing you ought to know is, there are more than one ways to make money from, you can engage in both methods to earn money.


How to Earn from

Making is not hard at all(we mentioned this before). If you want to make money, you only need to know the right things to do.

First way to make money is by ordet grabbing. Earning on sheinbj by order grabbing is nice, but the amount you will make is not that much. Because for you to earn much, you will need to make deposits into your account.


Here is the full explanation; As a new member of, you are automatically categorized as a vip one member. Vip one is free, you don’t have to make any deposits to earn, but the amount you make daily is very little.


There are ten vip levels, and they require you to deposit before you can gain access into any of them. Below are the rewards you get for upgrading to a higher level.


VIP2 users get a $5 bonus

VIP3 users get a $10 bonus


VIP4 users get a $50 bonus


VIP5 users get a $200 bonus


VIP6 users get a $500 bonus


VIP7 users get a $1,000 bonus


VIP8 users get a $2,000 bonus


VIP9 users get $3,000 in prize money


VIP10 users get $4,000 in prize money.

The only other way to make money on is by getting yourself involved in referrals. Based on research, earning by referrals is far better than by order grabbing. referral doesn’t require any deposit. It has no daily limit, and so this means your daily earning from referring has got no limits. You could literally earn up to $100 in one day by referring in sheinbj.


Whenever you get referrals, you earn a specific amount of money from your referees earnings. This simply means that the more money that they make, the more money you receive too.


How to get Referrals

To get referrals, you only have one job to do. And that is, to share your referral link to as many people as possible. Because more people using your link to sign up, would mean more money for you.


To get your referral link, first thing you need to do is perform login process. When you get logged in successfully, click on ‘invite friends.’ Then, copy your referral link from the page, and begin sharing around.


When was Launched was launched in July, 2022. The platform hasn’t been existing for a long time. It is still pretty new, and shiny!


Who is the Owner of

The owner of sheinbj is not known by anybody. Not known by members, review writers(like us), or anyone in the world.

No one knows why the owner of hides his identity. Sign Up

To sign up, simply start the process by going to the homepage.

On the homepage, click on ‘Register.’ This will take you to sign up page.


On sheinbj sign up page, fill all your details correctly, and submit. Login

To login, head to login page. Then, type in your username and password before submitting.


How to Withdraw on

Placing withdrawal will be possible if you have reached the minimum withdrawal of $5.

Simply perform login process into your account. Then head to your withdrawal page, provide your wallet address and the amount you desire to withdraw, then submit.

Is Legit or Scam

To be very honest, you are not the only one asking this question. Literally everyone that knows about sheinbj wants to know if is legit. The platform is new, and lots of questions comes when new money making sites like this one, is discovered.



To everyone of you asking; “Is legit or scam?” Have it at the back of your mind, that no one can answer this question for now. We are still accessing this platform, and soon we will have all the answers to your questions relating to the legitimacy of sheinbj.


Thanks a bunch for reading this review. Do well to comment or ask questions.


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